World Vegetarian Day: Go green for dinnertime

Today, 1 October, is World Vegetarian Day. Whether you’re a dedicated veggie, or you’re trying to get more of the green stuff into your diet, now’s a great time to go in search of recipe inspiration.

As luck would have it, we’ve pulled together some tasty recipes to make your dinners that little bit more interesting.

Your kids might turn their nose up at the sight of a carrot on their plate, but there’s heaps you can do with veg to make it more appealing, not to mention delicious. With the help of pulses, spices, and lots of other store cupboard essentials, a meat-free meal is much easier than you’d think.

Veg-packed pastas, scrummy stuffed mushrooms, tofu stir fries, delicious vegetable curries, warming chickpea stews, autumnal shepherds pies… Tasty, fresh, healthy – vegetarianism has never looked so good.

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