Calling all shopaholics: did you know you can try before you buy with ASOS?

If you’re stuck in a cycle of ordering multiple sizes to find the right one or simply need that new dress for the weekend but can’t pay until the end of the month then fret no more.

Swedish bank Klarna is here to answer of all your online shopping prayers.

What is it?

Klarna effectively lets you buy things on finance. That means you get them now but pay later. The most notable retailer to use the service is fashion giant ASOS, but Topsop, JD Sports and Schuh are among the stores that offer the service.

When you’re ready to click proceed to check out simply go to add a new payment option and pick Klarna.

Once your order is confirmed you’ll be emailed a statement that details your order, how much you have to pay and when it has to be paid by. The service normally gives you 30 days to pay the full amount, but be aware that this is 14 days with some shops.

Don’t panic if you tend to be forgetful: they’ll send you a reminder a few days before this is due.

Try before you buy

The main highlight for shopaholics like us is that the service effectively lets you try before you buy. Once your order has arrived grab your favourite critics (friends, partners, kids or even an Instagram story poll included) and have an at home fashion show.

If there’s anything that doesn’t meet the cut simply return it before the 30 days are up and only pay for what you keep. Once the shop has received your returns Klarna will send you an updated statement with your new balance to pay.


Returning items isn’t any different when using the service. The individual store’s return policy still applies and you return your items to them, not Klarna.

Once you’ve sent items back just sit back, relax and let them communicate with each other while you await your updated statement.

Stay sensible

Payment options like Klarna are great for when you need an item but can’t wait until payday, but it’s important to stay sensible.

Only shop within your means and plan ahead: if you know you’ll be booking a holiday when payday comes resist the urge to spend more than you know you can afford.

If you can’t pay the full amount of your order in the 30 day period you could face large amounts of interest or even be contacted by a debt collector.

For more information about Klarna and how it works, visit the website.

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