Top 10 leftover pumpkin recipes to reduce waste this Halloween

We’ve rounded up our top 10 pumpkin recipes to reduce waste this Halloween. 

According to Zero Waste Scotland, of the 1.8 million pumpkins us Scots carve every year a scary 1.1 million are thrown away.

Halloween is nearly here, but when it’s time to bring the pumpkins back inside don’t just throw them in the bin. We’ve been searching through Pinterest to find the best recipes so that your leftover pumpkin ends up delicious not dead.

From muffins to pies and cookies to curries, there’s something to take everyone’s fancy. Become a pumpkin connoisseur and create your own pumpkin recipe, the sweet vegetable can be incorporated into almost anything.

If cooking isn’t your idea of fun there’s plenty of other ways to reduce pumpkin waste.

Find your closest recycling centre here. Your local recycling centre will happily accept your old pumpkins and recycle them for you no matter what condition they are in. If your pumpkin is small it might fit in your food waste bin.

If you have a compost bin at home this is the perfect place to put old pumpkins. Let your Halloween leftovers break down with other fruit and veg and the compost could even be used to grow a pumpkin for next year.

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