The five best reusable bottles to invest in this National Refill Day

Today (27 September) is National Refill Day. 35.8 million plastic bottles are used daily in the UK, but only 19.8 million end up in the recycling box.

This means that approximately 16 million plastic bottles are not being recycled every day. When you multiply this through by the number of days in the year, the amount of unrecycled plastic is astonishing. Here are the five best water bottles you can purchase, and do your bit for the planet.


BOBBLE, from £9.99

These bottles are the perfect alternative to disposable bottles, and won’t break the bank. The Bobble bottles include a filter, and as water passes through the filter, it removes the chlorine. Filters can be replaced, and it is estimated that each replaceable filter equates to 300 single-serve bottles, meaning thousands of plastic bottles are not ending up in the rubbish every year. Get your own one here.

HYDRATE M8, £12.99

The Hydrate M8 is a huge hit. The bottle has a straw for drinking on the go, a band for good grip and a range of motivational quotes to choose from. Arguably, the best feature is the water tracker, which has times throughout the day on it, and shows you how much water you should be drinking: perfect for those who suffer from headaches or dehydration. Buy here.


If you’re a fan of Love Island, and fantasise about appearing on the show, this is the water bottle for you. Pretend you’re a member of the crew, by using the exact same kind of water bottle they do, and even get it personalised with your name. The bottle includes a removable fruit infuser to add flavour, and holds 740ml. To purchase one, click here.

CHILLY’S, from £15

If you want to go a step further and cut out plastic bottles altogether, Chilly’s is a great place to start. Slightly heavier to carry around than a reusable plastic bottle, but has plenty of perks to make up for it. The bottles come in different colours and patterns, from copper, to floral, to pastel, so there’s something for everyone. The insulated bottles keep water cold for up to 24 hours, and hot for up to 12. Buy one here.

S’WELL, from £25

Similarly to the Chilly’s bottles, the S’well bottles keep drinks cold for 24 hours, and hot for 12. The S’well bottles come in three different sizes – 260ml, 500ml and 750ml – depending on what you’re using it for, and how much you’re willing to carry around with you. The smaller bottle is perfect for kids, while the largest is great for hiking or exercising. Click here to buy.

Not only does buying a reusable bottle encourage you to drink more water (which has its own benefits, including improving nails, hair, skin and energy levels), it also ensures that we’re all doing our bit to help save the planet. So what are you waiting for? Go out and treat yourself to a new water bottle this National Refill Day!


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