The best ways to support your child during results day

Results day will be kicking off from 8am tomorrow (7 August). It’s going to be an emotional rollercoaster for your child, and you!

Young Scots across the country will be receiving texts, emails and letters with their future etched into their minds one result at a time. From National 5’s, Highers and Advanced Highers, whether it’s your child’s first exam results day or the final results before college, university or apprenticeships the nerves will certainly be kicking in.


As much as results day is on your mind, it is probably all your child has been thinking about for the last six weeks. Avoid placing any more pressure on your son or daughter tomorrow morning. Instead, follow their lead. Your young person may be desperate to open their results immediately and get it over with, or they might put it off as long as possible. Be patient and supportive with their choices and encourage them every step of the way.


Being there for your child might not be enough. You’re going to have to be their champion, too. If it all goes well and there are celebrations all around or if it has all been a disaster, don’t be too hard on your young person. From jubilations to tears, your son or daughter is probably going to have a whirlwind of emotions. Avoid any negativity if that B has turned into a C. “You could have studied more” isn’t going to help anyone.

There are always options.


Your teen might be filled with dread about the year ahead, apprehensive about going to university or simply unsure of where to go next. Make sure you’re on hand to provide some guidance. What do you wish you had been told on results day? Make sure you listen when your young person is talking to you and try to put everything into perspective.

Results day can become all-consuming with your young person not able to see past their SQA results, but there is support and different routes to their desired career. Just because plan A didn’t go as it was supposed to doesn’t mean there isn’t a plan B, C, D or even E! Why not jot down the Exam Results Helpline number (0808 100 8000), too? It shows you not only care but you’ve come prepared to help whatever the results.


Doing something nice for your young person will either be the cherry on top of the cake or a nice pick-me-up gesture. From going out to their favourite restaurant, making their go-to comfort dish or cuddling up with a film and a box of Ferrero Rocher it is a lovely touch to the emotional rollercoaster that is results day.

Tomorrow is going to be a whirlwind. Make sure you’re there to support your teen no matter what happens!

For advice make sure to get in touch with Skills Development Scotland, UCAS or SQA. Helplines will open from 8am.

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