Tasty treats with McIntosh ‘Kidz’ meals

New from Scotland’s favourite ready meal brand McIntosh of Strathmore –  McIntosh ‘Kidz’ includes six new delicious recipes all dedicated to feeding hungry children when you’re short on time!

The range includes cottage pie, macaroni cheese (suitable for vegetarians), pasta bolognese, sausages beans and mash, Scottish stovies and tomato and pulses pasta (suitable for vegans).

Currently new and exclusive to Asda stores across Scotland, each meal takes less than three minutes to heat in the microwave and contains at least one of a child’s five a day.

The range is recommended for children of three years and over, and the brand have done a wonderful job of making great tasting products with healthy nutritional value that the kidz won’t be able to find: low salt, at least one of their five a day, low in saturated fat and a good source of protein – the macaroni cheese meal is even packed with hidden veg.

Sarah McDonald, McIntosh marketing manager explains: “We’re always complimented on our ability to create a great homemade taste in a convenient ready meal, so we’re excited to now offer that for children, too. The meals will work as an affordable Scottish alternative to the current children’s ready meal options on shelf.”

“We’re so excited to launch these products to the market and would encourage feedback on our site or our social channels”

Website: www.mcintoshfoods.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/mcintoshofstrathmore

Twitter: www.twitter.com/mcintoshfoods

Instagram: www.instagram.com/mcintoshofstrathmore

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