Tasty gluten free meals

Gluten – remember when it was just another ingredient in bread? Nowadays gluten is everywhere. The health conscious amongst us are quick to jump on the gluten-free diet but there are millions of people who can’t eat gluten for medical reasons.

We’re talking coeliac suffers. A lifelong autoimmune condition caused by the body’s reaction to gluten – goodbye bread, beer, and pasta – those with coeliac can suffer painful symptoms. From bloating to diarrhoea, unexpected weight loss, nausea and more it is important to keep symptoms under control.

The only way to keep symptoms at bay and control the condition is to eat a gluten free diet. As more and more people are diagnosed with coeliac disease, it is thought that one in every 100 people in the UK has the condition, it is refreshing to know the world of gluten free diets is on the up. We bring you the best tasty gluten free meals to get stuck into.

If you think you might have coeliac disease get in touch with your GP or have a go at this assessment.

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