Fun Fact Friday: Friends

If you’ve not yet heard the wonderful news, Friends has arrived on Netflix. The streaming site has uploaded seasons one to ten of the hit show and everyone is really chuffed about this. No more ad breaks during a Friends binge. To celebrate we bring you interesting facts about the most popular American sitcom of […]

Fun Fact Friday – The Simpsons

Who knew yellow cartoon characters would be such a hit with all the family? With Bart’s mischievous nature, Lisa’s intelligence, Maggie’s ability to never grow up, Marge and Homer’s interesting relationship – The Simpsons are the most interesting family to come out of America. Families across the world enjoy 30-minute episodes filled with jokes everyone […]

Fun Fact Friday: Doctor Who

Now in it’s tenth season, Doctor Who is a fan favourite across the world. As fans and critics alike praise the introduction of new sidekick Bill, played by Pearl Mackie, it looks like Doctor Who will be traveling through time and space for years to come. We all have our favourite Doctor – from David […]