Glasgow Airport leads the way with free sanitary products

Glasgow Airport is set to provide free sanitary products in female toilets to help tackle period poverty in Scotland. The move is in response to Labour MSP Monica Lennon’s campaign to end period poverty in Scotland. The announcement from Glasgow Airport will see free tampons and pads made available in check-in, international and domestic arrival […]

Scotland to provide free access to sanitary products

Scotland is now the first country in the world to provide free sanitary products to low-income families – and we think it’s a positive move forward. The Scottish government has outlined plans to tackle “period poverty” with at least 1,000 women and girls set to benefit from the scheme, which has already received £42,000 worth […]

The problem with ‘period poverty’

Girls from low-income families across the UK are skipping school during their periods – because they can’t afford sanitary products. The issue of ‘period poverty’ in the UK came to light after a police officer working at a school in Leeds discovered high levels of truancy amongst girls – and it turned out they and […]