Fun Fact Friday: Cats

It’s hard to deny the love we have for our feline friends. Images and videos fill every corner of the Internet with adorable furry balls of love – even if that little ball of love sometimes has a mean streak. From sitting in boxes to getting stuck in obscure places, purring to showing off their […]

Your Guide to Owning A Pet

April is National Pet Month, which means celebrating our cuddly companions and sharing our pictures with them on every social media account possible. National Pet Month’s key aim is to promote responsible pet ownership, so we thought it would be the perfect time to discuss the most important things to consider before buying a pet – […]

6 reasons to adopt an animal

  Pampered pedigrees, designer dogs and Instagram-friendly felines are all the rage these days – and families are under pressure from their younger members to get in on the action with a costly family pet. However, while your pure-breed pets might seem appealing, they often come with a raft of costly health issues – think […]