Relive your teenage years with Berkhamsted Revisited

We all remember the awkward experiences of being a teenager; the boy who didn’t reply to your MSN advances, or turning up to school after a fake-tan disaster or accidentally shaving half an eyebrow off… No one gets to escape them, they’re universal.

Well, now you can relive the embarrassment of your formative years with the number one podcast in the UK on iTunes: Berkhamsted Revisited.

Hosts Laura Kirk and Laura Gallop take a trip down memory lane, through their teenage years, with the help of a diary the former kept religiously from the age of 13, right up until she left for university six years later.

Teenage Memories

The podcast tackles the struggles of being a teenage girl, growing up in a small town just outside of London in the noughties. Navigating a range of relatable topics from parties, MSN usernames (we all know the struggle…) and first boyfriends, to under-18 club nights and naming your cat after a boy you fancied, the women’s candour makes the podcast enjoyable for any and all listeners.

This is evident in the fact that about 70 per cent of listeners are men, highlighting that no matter our differences, the one thing we can all bond over is that we wish we could erase the years from 12-19 from our memories.

The third season kicked off on Monday (27 August), and promises more hilarious stories, including disastrous Tinder dates, tent politics and stealing coats at Reading Festival, and being driven around the French Riviera in a red Ferrari by Niccolo, the handsome driver.

If, like us, you’re still reeling with embarrassment from many moments throughout your teenage years, give the podcast a listen – if nothing else, it will make you feel a bit better knowing that your experiences are universal, and practically every other person in the country went through the same teenage drama you did.

Berkhamsted Revisited can be found on iTunes, or here.

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