Live review: Keeping warm this winter with Dido

On 30 November Dido performed to a sold out crowd at the Glasgow Armadillo, her second show in the city during 2019. Despite the 3,000 person capacity, the gig was intimate and heartfelt, just like the singer’s iconic music.

It’s hard to find someone who hasn’t been helped through heartbreak by a Dido song. Her soothing yet often upbeat music is a best friend and shoulder to cry on, a tone which is reflected by Dido herself.


Taking to the stage at the Glasgow Armadillo, Dido emits a warm energy that contrasts to the freezing weather outside. The Still on My Mind tour is her first in 15 years.

After opening the show with one of her biggest hits of 2018, Hurricanes, she admits that the icy weather might have gotten the better of her, revealing that she’s managed to hide multiple heat patches in her outfit.

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‪Glasgow!! So cold here I’ve bought a new sweatshirt! Not sure what the rules are on wearing your own merch…. x‬

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Later in the show we learn she wasn’t joking as she sits on the edge of the stage to perform Sitting on the Roof of the World and one escapes, landing next to her before being thrown to a dedicated fan.


As Dido plays some of her biggest hits – Life for Rent, Grafton Street and Thank You included – it’s hard not to notice the ensemble behind her, proof that every part of the music truly is live.

Taking a moment to chat to the crowd, she asks a personal question – if any of them have ever indulged in a holiday romance, admitting that she’s had a few in her time.

As she is answered with screams and a few destinations shouted back at her, she urges the audience to get up and dance, leading into Sand in My Shoes.


After playing Here With Me she gives the crowd a chance to reminisce about times gone by, joking that at her current age she should probably change the name of the next song. See You When You’re 40, meant as a subtle insult when written, is now more of a throwback than a scorn.

Before closing the show with anthem White Flag, Dido admits she has been working on something a little different this year, treating the crowd to My Boy. The dance track she created with her brother as part of their side project, R&D.

Dido, we want to thank you for giving us one of the best gigs of the year.

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