Get Your Kids Through Revision

Exam season is just around the corner and the trials of helping, or should we say getting, your little cherubs to study has reared its head again. Oh, how things have changed since you were in school. Everyone in the media suggesting exams are getting easier clearly haven’t attempted a maths past paper recently, but you’re the one who needs to support the kids during revision.

First off, figuring out how your child likes to study is key. In this sense we mean, are they extremely organised with colour co-ordinated notes and an enthusiasm to do well or are they promising to start later before, oops, it’s exam day? There are some great ways for you to not only get involved but make sure your little ones are doing well and revising as much as possible.

The simplest way to see how revision is going is to ask. We’re not promising you won’t get mumbled responses or big sighs, but deep down your kids will appreciate that you’re interested in how they’re getting on. From here you can ask if they need some help with anything, even a cup of tea for the teens cramming for their National exams will go a long way.

Helping them to put together a timetable of what to study and when is also a fantastic way to get your kids organised and working independently because, although you want to help them, you need to make sure you’re not doing all the work – at the end of the day, you can’t sit the exam for them.

Suggest that you help out with their studying when they need it, and make it entertaining for both of you. Not only is this a great way to get your kids revising but you can spend time with them and make studying a fun activity.

Ask your kids what the teachers have told them will be in the exam and help out on these topics. An entertaining method could be turning their revision notes into a quiz style format with you as the quizmaster – fun for everyone involved and an excellent way for kids to revise their notes as they will have to think about the questions and answers. Perfect practice for the exam, with you helping out if they stumble slightly.

YouTube is also a fun yet educational tool that can be used during revision. Lets face it, kids love the internet and you can watch a whole host of videos on YouTube that will help during revision and provide more information – maybe try and limit the cat videos though.

Offering treats and rewards can be a good incentive to get children who are less inclined to revise a boost and give them something to work towards. Be careful when it comes to rewards though as you don’t want your kids to think that the only reason to work hard is to get something out of it. Explain that revising and passing exams with good grades is a fantastic way to develop themselves and work towards a career that they will really enjoy.

Making sure your kids know you’re interested, want them to do well and you’re proud of their achievements so far will go a long way in building their confidence when it comes to sitting exams; an exam situation does not always bring out the best in some people so it’s important to remember that although they might be amazing in class, things might differ in the exam room.

Never fear though – after exam season is over you can relax during the summer holidays with stress-free kids and slightly less grumpy responses until results day. You’ve got this!

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