It’s happening! Game of Thrones season eight air date announced

The moment we have waited almost two years for has arrived: season eight of Game of Thrones is coming – just like winter.

BE AWARE: this post contains minor spoilers.

The first episode will air on 14 April on HBO, and we can barely contain ourselves. UK viewers can watch the episodes a day later, on 15 April on Sky Atlantic.


Season eight will be made up of six feature-length episodes of over an hour each. With so many questions unanswered, we really struggle to see how the show will manage to wrap up all the drama that has happened over the last seven seasons, but we’re eager to see them try.

Game of Thrones first appeared on our screens in 2011, and for many fans, the end of the show will be like the end of an era. But don’t fret, because season eight is sure to be packed with just as many dragons, white walkers and dire wolves as previous seasons.


We know almost nothing (Jon Snow) about the final season, with everyone involved in the show keeping a tight lip on spoilers. What we do know, is that season eight will supposedly feature the biggest battle ever featured on film or television, so there’s that to look forward to.

So, if you want to prepare yourself, you officially have three months to cram in the first seven seasons: that’s just over a season every fortnight, which is more than doable. Or, you could do what we’re doing and binge an entire season in a weekend – up to you.

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