How To Get Your Groom Involved

The last thing you want for your husband-to-be is to feel is like a guest at his own wedding. It’s important for both of you to feel connected to the wedding planning process – after all, your about to plan your life together! No husband-to-be should feel like they are forever holding their peace when it comes to wedding planning – so read our top tips on how to get him involved in the big day!


The big day’s big things

You might think all the dresses and flowers would have him hitting snooze faster than a 6am wake-up call, but it’s important your man has a say in the big things. Even if you don’t think he’ll be interested, try to make sure that he has his say on the giant three: the guest list, the date and the venue.


Get him boozey

No – we’re not talking about sending him off with a pint while you get on with the planning. Let him put all his knowledge of craft beer and malt whisky to good use by asking him if he would like to create a special wedding day tipple. Revolution ( offers cocktail masters classes if he needs the extra training. You could even throw a wine-tasting or beer-tasting session for just the two of you and let him pick out the drinks he wants for the big day.


Fashion Forward

We know the dress is a big deal – but who’s to say your fiancé doesn’t want to look his best on the big day too? Sure, give him some pointers (and maybe even a colour scheme) but remember to let his style shine through. The shirt is a good place to start if he is style stuck – Gant ( offer hundreds of style from trendy to traditional, so he’s sure to find the one.


Let’s get musical

Music mad? Rope in your man to organise the soundtrack to the wedding reception or even get him to pick the first dance track as a romantic surprise.


Team manager

Men love to draft and manage their own teams – which explains why they spend so much time on Fantasy Football. Make sure you give him the space to pick his own groomsmen and give him free reign to plan his Stag night. Look at it this way – if he’s off to Amsterdam, he can’t complain when you book your flights to Vegas with the girls!



Play to his strengths

If your fiancé has a creative streak how about getting his input on the design of the wedding invite – or even better – get him to design it himself. If he’s a Mark Zuckerberg in the making, ask him to build a wedding website where you can update family and friends with info and photos in the lead up to tying the knot. Or the most romantic option of all – get him to design your wedding rings. Blue Nile ( allows you design your own rocks while Etsy ( helps connect you to independent designers.


Enjoy working as a team

Some things are made for two – cake tasting, dance lessons, choosing the food. Even the gift register can be an exciting way to plan for your future adventures. And it doesn’t have to be all china and iron covers – you can also register at Amazon ( so absolutely nothing is off the cards.


Let’s fly away

Sometimes no amount of persuasion can get your man into wedding planning – too many mothers, too much tradition and etiquette coming out your ears. So how about giving him the honeymoon as his pet project? Not only does it take the pressure off you, it can be the perfect romantic surprise to reward all your hard work. Now, where is that Piña colada?


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