Hip, hippo, hurray: there is a Fiona the Hippo children’s book available

Adults and children rejoice, the world’s more famous hippo is being immortalised in a children’s book.


Fiona the Hippo came bouncing into our lives in January of last year when she was born six weeks premature. Determined to care for the small hippo and bring her back to health, teams from Cincinnati Zoo, Ohio provided around the clock support for the baby hippo.

It wasn’t long before Fiona became a hashtag and rose to fame.


#TeamFiona began posting images and videos of Fiona online so people could watch her progress. The videos began to circulate far and wide and Fiona the baby hippo became a celebrity! She’s cute, has a happy-go-lucky personality and always looks like she’s smiling, it’s no wonder Fiona is such a success.

Did we mention she’s cute?


Credit: Amazon UK

Now old enough to swim in the hippo pool alongside her mum, Bibi, people are travelling worldwide to get a glimpse of Fiona. From merchandise covering magnets, T-shirts, to stationary, Fiona even has her own show, it was only a matter of time before she had her very own book.

Fiona, the Hippo, by New York Times bestselling illustrator, Richard Cowdery tells Fiona’s story in a book perfect for bedtime storytelling. Travelling through Fiona’s journey where zookeepers worried she wouldn’t live to the bouncing, charismatic and playful hippo that has captured all of our hearts, this is most definitely a heart-warming read.

We’re sure adults will love the adorable snaps of Fiona, too.

The book is set to be released in the UK on Thursday 6 September (you can pre-order a hardcopy from Amazon here) and it’s already been a hit across the pond.

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