The Great Get Together

This weekend, from 16-18 June, communities across the UK will be coming together in memory of MP Jo Cox – and support the message that we have ‘more in common than what divides us’.

The Great Together is a new campaign from The Jo Cox Foundation, the charity set up by Jo’s husband Brendan to support the causes she cared about . The MP for Bately and Spen was murdered a year ago, on 16 June, by right-wing fanatic Thomas Jair – and her family want the nation to unite and embrace the best of British and what we have in common, and set our differences aside. A poignant message in what has been a year of turmoil for us Brits.

Street parties, community gatherings and get-togethers will be taking place nationwide in Jo’s memory, and rivals in the world of politics, newspapers and broadcasting will also be joining forces. The Sun and Daily Mirror will be printing the same editorial message, with the Guardian and Telegraph set to do the same.

A host of celebrities have also recorded messages of support, saying what they think unites Britain as a nation. For Ed Sheeran, it was ‘fish and chips’, Andy Murray said it was ‘James Bond’, and Billy Nighy reckons it’s ‘toast – unless it’s spread with Marmite’.

Brendan said: “Jo’s killing was designed to do a few things. It was designed to divide communities and it’s failed in doing that, it’s actually brought Jo’s community much closer together. It was designed to stop her speaking, stop her message reaching people, and this book is showing that that’s failed as well, that actually her voice and the messages and the things she cared about can reach more people even after her death.”

To find out more about The Great Get Together and to find out what’s happening in your area, head to

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