Get happy in Dumfries

Who would have thought it? Dumfries has just been voted the happiest place in Scotland.

Sure, we have to thank Dumfries for giving us Calvin Harris but what else has this little market town got to offer that makes everyone so chipper? Is it possibly the picturesque castles and the friendly locals or the peace and quiet of being away from the big city?

Either way, it seems Dumfries is doing something right. Real estate giants RightMove conducted a survey to find the happiest place in the UK, and Dumfries only went and won the top spot north of the border.

The survey asked more than 17,000 people across the UK what they were most happy about when it comes to where they live. Important factors included feeling comfortable, community spirit, feeling safe and friendliness.

Dumfries might not seem like the most obvious choice, but this secret gem has a lot to give. Firstly, the views on offer are second to none with an excellent mixture of greenery and forests and rocky, sandy beaches of the Solway Coast. Getting some fresh sea air is a good enough reason as any to be happy where you live.

Being beside the sea and wilderness also means there is a great selection of wildlife. From red deer to ospreys, Dumfries is bursting with animal life to make the scenery even more spectacular and a must-visit for any keen photographers.

Alongside the wildlife and scenery, Dumfries is filled with creative flare – Calvin Harris had to get his inspiration from somewhere – with the 225-year-old Theatre Royal and a strong artistic community. If getting arty isn’t for you then Dumfries is a great place to get healthy with the arrival of the Beat the Street scheme getting locals up and walking. What more could you want from a town?

Looks like Dumfries has been a well kept secret for all these years. No wonder it has been voted the happiest place in the country with all it has to offer. We’re already planning our visit – are you?

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