Fun Fact Friday – Words, words, words

That is so fetch, I’m shook. Totally on fleek

Welcome to modern day chatter, everyone – it’s a bit of a strange place. Gone are the days of Shakespearian linguistics – it’s all memes, trends and internet lingo. It’s really hard to keep up; even we’re a bit dazed about all the trendy, cool words.

To help you out (and ourselves) we decided to bring you a rundown on all the totally lit words out there. You’ll be a bantersaurus rex in no time.


Shook is the new guy on the scene. To be ‘shook’ literally means to be in shock – in a good way. Still with us? Good. You’re friend has just got some amazing highlighter and you can’t believe how on-point it looks, you’re shocked. Well, now you’re shook.


The young ones seem to really enjoy this word. To be ‘on fleek’ means you are on point.


No need to all the police, this isn’t actually about mugging. If you are muggy then it means you’re being a little bit two faced and probably not the best person to share secrets with. Avid fans of this year’s Love Island will be well accustomed to this word.


Coming straight from the depths of fandoms and the deepest corners of the internet is ‘shipping’. Ever watched a TV show and wished two characters would get it on? Then you ship them – as in, relationship. We can see how this one makes sense.

I’m dead

Not literally, thankfully. This is a very powerful reaction to something that pleases the heck out of you. For example, big T Swift has released a new album and you’re dead because you’re so happy.


We can thank Beyoncé for this one. Imagine being so famous people ACTUALLY start using the word you made up on a regular basis. To slay basically means you are rocking life, you have everything under control, you are the boss of everything. You slay.


Another popular word for the yoof of today to express positive feelings. ‘That is so lit’ can be easily translated to ‘that is so fantastic’.


This is an easy one and can save you 0.1 seconds in a conversation. If you are devastated and need to get your point across quickly just come out with how devo you are instead.

New level

A different take on next level to mean something is really good. Found your new favourite drink? That is so new level.



We’re going old school with this little nugget. Back in the good old days of 00s American high school films, Mean Girls brought us ‘fetch’, meaning cool or awesome. Think ‘that’s so fetch’. Unfortunately this isn’t going to make you sound cool. Soz.

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