Fun Fact Friday – Sloths

Slowly grazing in the trees in far-off lands, there is a creature that is taking the world by storm – the sloth. Probably one of the laziest animals in the world, there is a lot more to the humble sloth than just being named after one of the deadly sins.

They’re furry, just a tad odd looking and really popular, so we’re bringing you all the sloth facts you’ll ever need to know to wow at your next dinner party.

  1. Even though they’re really lazy, sloths are really good swimmers. Their fur coats even help a smooth passage through water.
  2. Sloths are green because algae grows on their fur and helps them blend in with the trees around them. Green is a strong look to pull off.
  3. Being slow is what sloths are known for and they only move 13 feet a minute. Imagine how many meetings you would miss at that pace.
  4. You will find sloths chilling out in the tropical forests of Central and South America. That’s probably why they move so slowly – they’re too warm!
  5. Actually, sloths are really slow because their diet is mostly leaves so they don’t get much nutrition. Moving slowly helps conserve energy.
  6. Living up in the trees can make toilet habits tricky. That’s why sloths come down once a week to poop in the exact same spot. The more you know.
  7. When sloths are on the ground they’re vulnerable to big cats and hawks, but up in the trees they have no predators. Think of the views.
  8. There are two types of sloth and their main difference is how many toes they have. Two-toed sloths are just slightly bigger than three-toed sloths.
  9. The three-toed sloth might not be as big but they can turn their heads almost all the way around.
  10. There have been many more species of sloths in the past with an extinct species as large as elephants. Imagine that little guy hanging from a tree…


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