Fun Fact Friday: Home remedies

Got a cold? Warm whisky and honey will sort you out. Feeling the tingle of a cold sore? Spray some perfume on the area and it will disappear.

Everyone out there has a strange home remedy they swear by, but how many of them actually work? We find out the myths, facts and down right obscure home remedies that the world has to offer. After this little list you’re going to know all the best cures for everything from a sore stomach to a sore head.


The Irish really were onto something when they invented Guinness. Previously sold under the slogan of “Guinness is good for you” the dark beverage is also good on your heart – in moderation, mind you. Guinness contains antioxidant compounds similar to the ones in fruit meaning it can help to reduce blood clots and heart attacks.

Way back when, Guinness was actually given to patients after an operation to reduce clotting. Ah, the good old days.


Sore stomach? Ginger. Feeling sick? Ginger. Ear infection? You guessed it, ginger. The root is a natural painkiller and anti-inflammatory, which can help when you’re feeling less than fantastic. Only downside is it takes 20 minutes to kick in – at least it tastes nice.


Find yourself having another nightmare touch of the teenage skin? Get minty – crushing mint and applying it to the affected area will help reduce acne. Mint has anti-inflammatory properties and it smells so fresh you’ll end up rubbing it on your face, sports or no spots.


Keeping it minty, peppermint also has so fantastic benefits. Feeling the afternoon slog, then peppermint (and cinnamon) will help you out. The herb has been shown to increase energy levels for those going on a long drive – if you can’t get a hold of fresh peppermint, the gum works just as well.

Get energised and calm stomach muscles at the same time with good ‘ol peppermint. Outside the body, peppermint can help sooth and cool irritated skin. Who knew peppermint was so amazing?

Lemon Juice

Be real, we’ve all woken up one morning and realised we’ve run out of deodorant. It’s the thing of nightmares. No longer will you need to feel the dread of B.O. when such mishaps happen with the simple aid of lemon juice. Effectively killing bacteria to get rid of any odours, lemon juice can be sprayed directly onto skin or mixed with baking powder to make a paste. Now you know.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is taking the world by storm at the moment – it’s so popular it’s probably the answer to world peace. On a smaller scale coconut oil is also great to get those pearly whites shining whiter. Coconut oil is made of lauric acid or, in layman’s terms, it’s fantastic for killing harmful bacteria, fungi and viruses in the body. This means during oil pulling coconut oil will kill all the bad bacteria in your mouth. Bet your dentist will be well chuffed with you.


Not just tasty in a cake, almonds are good for treating headaches. Well, if you eat about 20 of them anyway. Almonds have the enzyme salicin present they can reduce headaches. Eat enough over a long period of time and you could avoid headaches forever. Probably.

Chicken Soup

There’s nothing more comforting than chicken soup when you’re sick, and it cures a cold too, right? Well, not entirely. Chicken soup has been shown to reduce inflammation, thin nasal mucus (nice) and sooth a sore through. But in reality any good soup will help out a cold and also helps provide much-needed fluids.

Vitamin C

There’s an old myth that vitamin C will prevent a cold, and it is slightly true. It has been proven that vitamin C can reduce the length of a cold as it helps the growth of T cells. When it comes to having a cold, every little helps.


Unless you’re a vampire we imagine you will be quite fond of garlic. Raw garlic works well to increase the growth of gamma T cells, which locates infections within the body and remove them. An added bonus, garlic decreases the severity of flu symptoms and it helps to stimulate the immune system. Pass the garlic!



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