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Mums online look like they’ve got it all worked out, don’t they? We caught up with YouTuber and mum of three, Rebecca Meldrum (AKA @mrsrmeldrum), to chat dealing with mum-shamers and how social media can be deceiving.

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Scrolling through Instagram, it feels like everyone has their life completely figured out. This can be ten times worse if you have children; seeing mums on YouTube and social media thriving, while you’ve somehow burned breakfast, and dealt with three nappy explosions this morning alone.

Motherhood can become a lonely place for many, and social media can often make it worse. One mum trying to change this, bringing a more honest portrayal of motherhood to Instagram, is Rebecca Meldrum.

“Mum-shaming is so hard and something I face daily, if not hourly,” explains Rebecca. “I think the best thing to remember is that it speaks volumes about them not you. Trusting your gut, building a good support network around you and always knowing that you are doing your best is key. Gosh I wish I had the magic answer!”


Rebecca started her YouTube channel five years ago, when she was pregnant with her second daughter. Since, she’s amassed over 100,000 subscribers, and is not far behind in Instagram followers, either.

“My husband was working offshore at the time and I thought starting a YouTube channel would be a lovely way to document my pregnancy, and remember everything I’d forgotten first time round,” reminisces Rebecca. “I like to keep it real and honest, so I share lots of things that are going on in my life.”


Rebecca has documented everything on her YouTube channel: from days out and shopping hauls, to pregnancy reveals and live births, Rebecca’s followers have been with her through it all, including the launch of her upcoming book, Mummy and Me: An Activity Book: Complete Together, Keep Forever.

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“I’m so excited but also a little nervous,” admits Rebecca. “It’s a mum and child activity book, and has memory pages, little games and fun craft ideas, to create and capture memories with your children. I just hope people love it as much as I do. It has the seal of approval from my eldest daughter Safiyah and that’s the main thing.”


Being a mum in the public eye can be stressful, but Rebecca is happy, as long as she can help other mums in the process.

“You’re not alone,” stresses Rebecca. “It might feel like you are, but I guarantee even those mums who look like they have it all figured out will have hard days. There’s so much pressure on women and mums to have it all figured out, when mostly we’re all just winging it.”

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Rebecca’s book, Mummy and Me: An Activity Book: Complete Together, Keep Forever, is on sale now. Keep up to date with Rebecca on YouTube: Mrs Meldrum or on Instagram: @mrsrmeldrum
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