Celebrating International Day of Happiness

Today (20 March) is International Day of Happiness, an opportunity to forget about political drama and become strong and stable in our pursuit for happiness.

Every year on 20 March we mark the United Nations International Day of Happiness. The day recognises the need for a global shift in human happiness and asks for a focus on wellbeing, not just the economy.

All 193 United Nations member states have adopted a resolution calling for happiness to be given greater priority around the world. This resolution recognises happiness as a fundamental human goal.

The day was created in partnership with Action for Happiness of which the Dalai Lama is a patron. The organisation works to promote happiness in homes, workplaces, schools and local communities.

This year’s theme is happier together, a call to action to focus on what we have in common, rather than what divides us.

Did you know? International Day of Happiness was first celebrated in 2013

Taking action

It’s time to take action to make ourselves and those around us happy. Doing kind things for others can show you appreciate them and make you happy too. 

A kind gesture could be as simple as chatting to a stranger at the bus stop or helping your neighbour carry their shopping into their house.

Thanking people that you are grateful for is also a great way to spread happiness. 

It is important to make sure that you are happy before helping others. Practicing mindfulness can help you appreciate the positive things in your life and remove stress. 

So often we are caught up in what has just happened, our future plans or negative things that have happened. Being mindful is all about observing what is around you but not worrying about it or focussing on one thing. Mindfulness can help us to be less stressed, increase our concentration and improve our relationships with others.

Apps like Headspace can teach you how to practice mindfulness.

Did you know? The UK is ranked 19 out of the 156 happiest countries in the world

Focussing on the things that bring you joy can also increase your personal happiness.

Three good things

Being grateful can help to reduce stress and increase happiness. Recognising three things you are grateful for is a simple but effective way to be happier. 

Every day spend a few minutes reflecting on your day and finding three things that you are grateful for. This could be as simple as a co-worker making you a great cup of tea to getting a promotion or your son’s football team winning the league.

Write your three things down and think about why you are grateful for them. At the end of the week look back at your notes and notice how you feel when you reflect on them.

This practice can make you appreciate good things more when they happen as well as increasing happiness.

Did you know? Smiling and laughing help to reduce stress 

For more tips on how to spread happiness click here.

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