Call for booze ban in airports

Are you even on holiday if you don’t snap a photo of your pint in the Wetherspoons in departures? Whether you’re taking off at 6am or 9pm, a cheeky drink (or six) is very much a part of the holiday experience for Brits flying abroad every year. Airports, unlike pubs and supermarkets, don’t have strict […]

Child-Free Flights: Your Views

#BabyOnPlane #airplane #hands #baby #bluesky #sweet #FraPort #THY #TurkishAirlines A photo posted by to_be_photography (@to_be_photography) on Sep 2, 2016 at 1:15pm PDT Indian budget airline IndiGo has announced plans for child-free zones on its planes and they’ve faced a lot of backlash – but is it justified? Eight rows on its flights will be reserved […]