Confessions of an Airbnb host

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It’s the travel trend that’s changed the face of vacationing – but what’s it really like to use Airbnb? One host shares her story Since clicking the ‘host’ icon on Airbnb’s website a couple of months ago, my life has transformed. At home I’m no longer just a writer, girlfriend and living room yoga enthusiast. I’m […]

Interview with Scottish Style Blogger Thankfifi

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Scottish fashion blogger, Wendy Gilmour has been blogging from her West End Glasgow flat (along with pups Mr K and Tux) for five years. In that time she’s amassed a global following of over 20,000 fans, sat front row at London Fashion Week and collaborated with countless brands. But she […]

Your guide to Hygge

Published on : If you spend any time online, you’re likely to have seen “hygge” being talked about and are surely wondering what exactly this means (and how to pronounce it). We’ve got you covered with our beginner’s guide to the Danish lifestyle trend sweeping the internet. What is it? To start […]