Get happy in Dumfries

Who would have thought it? Dumfries has just been voted the happiest place in Scotland. Sure, we have to thank Dumfries for giving us Calvin Harris but what else has this little market town got to offer that makes everyone so chipper? Is it possibly the picturesque castles and the friendly locals or the peace […]

The bookshelf update

After some reading inspiration? We’ve rounded up some of the best titles to keep you busy in the last few weeks of the holidays.   The Underground Railroad – Colson Whitehead This critically acclaimed book explores the brutality of slavery from the perspective of African slaves in 19th century America, who found themselves in the underground […]

Islay Festival 2017 – what to see and do

One of the most popular islands on the West coast of Scotland, the Isle of Islay is gearing up to host their annual Festival of Music and Malt taking place from Friday 26 May to Saturday 3 June. The festival has a diverse programme on offer form traditional Scottish music, ceilidhs, Gaelic lessons, whisky tasting […]

Fun Fact Friday: Cats

It’s hard to deny the love we have for our feline friends. Images and videos fill every corner of the Internet with adorable furry balls of love – even if that little ball of love sometimes has a mean streak. From sitting in boxes to getting stuck in obscure places, purring to showing off their […]