Life after a mastectomy

“Hi, this morning I had breast cancer. This evening I don’t,” says a placard held up by Victoria Derbyshire during her mastectomy video diary. In an announcement that screamed power and strength, journalist Victoria Derbyshire reported on her breast cancer journey. Documenting the quick turnaround from diagnosis to the removal of one breast, she turned a […]

Sense Intimates opens doors for post-surgery style

Everyone knows that coming out of surgery is difficult, and it can be a long road to recovery. For women undergoing mastectomies or breast reconstructions after a breast cancer diagnosis, it can be even harder, for a myriad of reasons. You’re waking up to a whole new body – and your confidence and self-image can […]

Old-fashioned cures for the common cold

It’s here. The season of coughs, sneezes and snot has officially landed in all its hacking, sniffing glory. Nice. Whether it’s you, your partner or the kids (let’s face it – when’s it not the kids?), dealing with temperatures, sore throats, coughs, sneezes, aches and pains is no one’s idea of fun. You’ve tried the […]

The secret to getting enough sleep

When’s the last time you woke up and felt really well-rested? Whether you’re battling with teething babies, midnight-wandering toddlers, you’re staying up too late or you’ve got lots on your mind, thousands of us will ‘fess up to struggling when it comes to sleep. Research for The Sleep Council in 2013 found that more than […]

Glasgow Airport leads the way with free sanitary products

Glasgow Airport is set to provide free sanitary products in female toilets to help tackle period poverty in Scotland. The move is in response to Labour MSP Monica Lennon’s campaign to end period poverty in Scotland. The announcement from Glasgow Airport will see free tampons and pads made available in check-in, international and domestic arrival […]

Tasty gluten free meals

Gluten – remember when it was just another ingredient in bread? Nowadays gluten is everywhere. The health conscious amongst us are quick to jump on the gluten-free diet but there are millions of people who can’t eat gluten for medical reasons. We’re talking coeliac suffers. A lifelong autoimmune condition caused by the body’s reaction to […]

World First Aid Day

Do you know how to act in an emergency situation? How to support an adult or child whilst waiting on the ambulance? Today (9 September) on World First Aid Day, the British Red Cross are highlighting the importance of knowing first aid – especially for parents of young children. Research from the British Red Cross […]