Bring Your Dog To Work Day

It’s the day we’ve all been waiting for, folks! Friday 23 June is Bring Your Dog To Work Day, when businesses nationwide open their doors to the four-legged companions of their employees – like Family Life’s office pup Winnie (pictured above).

This will be the fourth event of its kind since ethical dog grooming product company HOWND organised the event back in2014. The aim is to raise funds and awareness for two charities; All Dogs Matter, a charity that rehomes hundreds of dogs every year in London and Norfolk, and Animals Asia, which is dedicated to improving the welfare of dogs, cats and bears in China and Vietnam.

Bringing your pet to work with you has several benefits. As well as raising money for charity, the presence of pets in the workplace can significantly reduce stress levels in the office according to the International Journal of Workplace Health Management.

Having a pet in the workplace boosts morale and encourages the team to come together; got a co-worker you aren’t so keen on? If they have a puppy at their desk, you will be over there in a flash. The introduction of a pet will strengthen relationships in the office more than any dreaded team-building exercise will do.

Not to mention, having a pet in the office can actually mean an increase in productivity (maybe this one will convince your boss). Taking a short break at lunch to get some exercise and go for a stroll with your dog will also decrease your stress levels, and giving yourself a breather every now and again lets you resume your work feeling refreshed and engaged.

There are also prizes up for grabs! Donate £5 or more online and you will be entered into a prize draw to win goodies from sponsors, as well as a prize for the best pooch selfie uploaded to the website’s ‘Dog With a Job Hall of Fame’.

If that did not convince your boss or if your workplace is not a suitable environment for a dog, you can still take part in Bring Your Dog To Work Day. You can become a sponsor and raise money for Animals Asia and All Dogs Matter by making a donation online and uploading your business logo or your photo and spread awareness on social media using #BringYourDogToWorkDay.

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