The best books of 2018

The literary year is well underway, and already many great books have been published. Given that today is World Book Day, we thought it a great idea to pull together a short list of the most highly anticipated books of 2018. So, grab a cuppa, snuggle up and take a look at some of the year’s best reads.

The Woman in the Window by A. J. Finn

Dubbed one of the decade’s most anticipated debuts, The Woman in the Window is already a No. 1 New York Times bestseller. Published in 36 languages and in development as a new major film by Fox, A.J. Finn’s debut novel is certainly not one to miss. This thriller forces you into the mind of an agoraphobic social recluse named Anna Fox, who’s crippling paranoia leads her to believe she has just witnessed a terrible crime in a neighbour’s home. After spying on the new, seemingly perfect, family next-door from the window of her New York City home, she begins to question whether what she has seen was just a product of her over-active imagine or something too frightfully real.

The Great Alone by Kristin Hannah

Exceptionally high on all of the Best Books of 2018 lists, The Great Alone has received rave reviews. Set in Alaska in 1974, this thriller is said to be gripping and wildly unpredictable. After surviving the Vietnam war as a prisoner of war, Ernt Allbright returns home a different man. Things go from bad to worse when he can’t hold down any job upon his return and turns volatile, gathering his whole family and moving them off to Alaska so he can fall off the map and into isolation again. We watch as optimistic thirteen-year-old Leni prays that Alaska will fix her broken family and help her father overcome his demons. But as winter draws near, their tiny, snow blanketed cabin in the middle of nowhere turns from a shelter into trap. As Ernt’s mental health deteriorates, secrets emerge and things take a turn for the worst.

The Immortalists by Chloe Benjamin

Looking for something with a bit more of a supernatural twist? This new novel from Chloe Benjamin has been a 2018 favourite. The story focusses on death, when in 1969 a mystical prophet rolls up in New York City’s Lower East Side, claiming to be able to predict death. She tells the fortunes of the novel’s four main characters, a family of four siblings, and the lives they go on to lead over the next fifty years are heavily influenced by the knowledge of their end-dates. It’s an uplifting tale about how life is limited, and time is short as each protagonist goes on the lead drastically different and wildly adventurous lives, blurring the lines between destiny and choice.

Still Me by Jojo Moyes

Another book that’s surrounded by hype right now is, Still Me. The is the third book to feature of Jojo Moyes’ iconic heroine, Louisa Clark, from her No.1 New York Times bestselling series, Me Before You and After You. Offering a lighter, more romantic read, ‘Still Me’ follows Louisa as she continues her journey, now moving to New York in order to begin a new life while maintaining a heated long-distance relationship. Throw a new city, a new job and a new man in the works and things begin get complicated. Initially, Louisa finds herself enjoying the high-life, working for the super-rich and living vicariously through them. But then she meets Joshua Ryan who reminds her of old times and suddenly she’s torn between the splendour of Fifth Avenue and the charm of an old vintage clothing store. Immediately she is forced to reconsider every move she has made over the last few years and begins to question who she really is.

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