October’s now well under way, which means one thing – it’s time to crack out the candles!

Autumn is all about cosy knitwear, nights in glued to reality telly, and your favourite scented candle burning away in the corner.

Whether you’re after a luxury scent or something more affordable, you’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to autumn-time scents to cosify your home.

Here’s our pick of the best.

Aldi – Pomegranate Noir, £3.99

Aldi’s range of Jo Malone dupes has been winning praise left, right and centre – and it’s their attempt at Pomegranate Noir that’s got us talking. It’s got a rich, woody scent with berry notes that’ll have you feeling all warm inside. While the scent isn’t as intense as its designer cousin, for a tenth of the price, you can’t go wrong. (Available here)

Yankee Candle – Autumn Night, £14.99

If you haven’t got a Yankee Candle at home, who even are you? This candle will have you thinking of autumn-time nights, with top notes of Bergamont and black peppercorn, and hints of lavender and oak, it’s definitely worth investigating. At £14.99 for the medium jar, which provide 65 to 90 hours’ burning time, it’s a bargain too. (Available here)

White Company – Autumn, £20


The White Company’s candles offer luxury fragrance at a more affordable price than some rivals – and they look really nice too. The Autumn scent combines pear, quince and amber to create a gorgeous scent that’ll have you thinking of autumnal walks through crunchy leaves with its warm, spicy scent. Gorgeous. (Available here)

Jo Loves – Log Fires, £55

Jo Malone has left her world-famous fragrance venture to launch Jo Loves – and we love her Log Fires candle. It’s everything that’s amazing about cosy autumn days in a glass jar. If you haven’t got a log fire at home? Invest in this. (Available here)

Jo Malone – English Oak and Redcurrant, £40

Yes, Jo Malone candles are costly – but, boy, do they smell amazing. This woody scent will have you thinking of forest adventures in the fall. Described as ‘bright, embracing and bewitching’, that pretty much covers it. If you want to treat yourself? This list he one. (Available here)

John Lewis – Frosted Spruce, £16

Bring the outside in with this scented candle from John Lewis. It’ll have you thinking of pine needles, with notes of citrus and black pepper – great to get you in the mood for (whisper it) Christmas time. (Available here)

H&M – Mahogany, £3.99


It’s a little candle with a price tag to match – but it doesn’t hold back when it comes to smell. This classic woody scent has got everything you need to warm up a Saturday afternoon in front of the telly. (Available here)


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