Becoming inspired with Michelle Obama

Last night (14 April), all of our dreams came true as we headed to London to see ex-First Lady and always inspirational woman, Michelle Obama.

As part of her international book tour, to promote her bestselling book of 2018, Becoming, Michelle made a stopover in London, and boy, are we glad she did.

A crowd of 15,000 settled into the O2 Arena, eagerly awaiting her appearance on stage, with homemade signs and a Mexican wave declaring the enthusiasm of the audience..


The book – a memoir detailing her childhood growing up on the South Side of Chicago, through to her time as First Lady of the United States of America – gives an in-depth look into her life and the experiences that made her the person she is today.

Before stepping on stage, a montage of photographs from throughout her life, with family, friends and fans alike was played, demonstrating the far-reaching impact she’s had around the world during and after her time as First Lady.

Joined by late night TV host, Stephen Colbert, Michelle took to the stage in a flurry of cheers, claps and camera flashes.

Throughout the evening, she spoke candidly about the current political climate, comparing America to a teenager who has to spend weekends with their divorced dad.


Never directly mentioning any person or political ideology in particular, she encouraged the audience to “get to work.”

“We’ve had some tough times on this planet and we’ve come out of it. As Martin Luther King said – my husband uses this quote often: ‘The art of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice.’ And it bends because we help it bend.

“So that’s my advice: it’s time to do some bending. It’s time for us to roll up our sleeves, and if we’re not happy with things, then in democracies we have votes, and that means you have to pay attention and be engaged and can’t take our rights and liberties for granted. Because if we don’t vote, somebody will and that’s the direction of the country that we’re in.

“This still is all within our control, it’s all within our power, within our democracy so my advice is get to work, don’t be complacent and don’t become so cynical that you just turn off. Democracy never stops, and just because you get cynical and emotional about it, it keeps going. So, we cannot afford to sit on the side-lines.”


In an auditorium filled with men and women from around the country and beyond, of different ages, races and backgrounds, the one thing everyone had in common was their desire to learn from one of the most influential and inspirational women in the world.

Part of Michelle’s power is that she’s so completely relatable, and many see themselves in her story. She gives hope to those who wish to follow in her footsteps, and gives encouragement and advice to those who want something completely different.

And last night, we all became inspired to reach for our goals and make a difference to this planet, just like Michelle did.

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