About Us


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Family Life is back after a little break away to refresh, rejuvenate and return to the spotlight, reclaiming its title of Scotland’s favourite lifestyle magazine.

We’ve got a new look, new energy and we’re ready to deliver what’s important to Scotland’s families.

About Family Life

Family Life is a smart, glossy lifestyle title for adults living in Scotland. With family at its heart, the magazine covers everything that’s important in modern life in Scotland, from finance to careers, fashion to food.

What’s inside

Each issue is packed with celebrity interviews, mouth-watering recipes, real life stories from inspirational Scots, topical issues that are making the headlines and advice and information on everything from money to retraining.

Whether we’re discovering what life’s like for families in developing countries, finding out about starting your own business, looking at the latest interior design trends or offering up alternative ideas to keep the kids occupied over the holidays, family life promises quality, thought-provoking and relevant editorial every issue.

What to expect

For our relaunch, we’re taking on a slicker style, smarter tone and more grown-up feel to appeal to both men and women of all ages nationwide. And we’re pretty sure you’re going to love what we have in store…