5 top tips to bag that promotion

We’ve all been there. You love your job, you’re comfortable where you are, but you’d just like that little bit more. Responsibility, challenge, money – a promotion is what you need to keep you motivated in your working life.

But the big problem is – how do you ask for one? Us Scots aren’t very good at being upfront with what we want, particularly in the workplace. So how can you overcome that awkwardness? Here are five tips to get you on the road to promotion.

1. Ask for feedback

Make it clear to your supervisor that you’re keen to progress – and ask for regular catch up meetings so you can see how you’re doing. Ask for feedback on projects or new responsibilities you’re taking on – and make it clear when you’re acting on what you’ve been told. Try not to be annoying about it though – make it a natural part of your working life rather than popping up at your boss’s desk every Friday like an eager Girl Scout.

2. Focus on the future

Make it clear to your boss that you’re in this for the long haul, and volunteer to undertake some long-term projects. Whether that’s mentoring the apprentice, coming up with a year-long strategy, organising the Christmas party – whatever fits, put yourself forward and use it as a chance to shine and show off all the skills that make you fit for promotion at the same time as displaying your commitment to the company.

3. Remember what your boss likes

Listen to your immediate boss, get to know them, show an interest in their life and get to the point where you know what she or he wants before they do – whether that’s a cup of tea appearing on their desk made just the way they like or producing some ideas for next week’s planning meeting without being asked.

4. Be indispensable

You want to be the team member who came up with that money-saving strategy, who was the brains behind the new product launch, who came up with the new system that no one else really understands yet but is working perfectly, who solved the boss’s problem for them. Make yourself a key part of the business – and make sure to keep note of all the brilliant things you’ve done, so that when it does come to speaking about promotion, you’ve got the evidence at hand as to why you deserve it.

5. Ask for it

Stats show that just 7% of women and 57% of men will ask for a promotion – so buck the trend and get straight to the point. Once you’ve done all of the above, ask for a meeting with your superior and tell them your career hopes, what you’ve been doing, and ask what the chances are of you progressing. Even if the answer isn’t right now, it’s put it forward that you’ve got ambition – and if your boss knows you’ve got that on top of all the great work you do, they’re not going to want to let you go.

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