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WIN a breakfast bundle from Hamlyns of Scotland

https://www.instagram.com/p/BaCiS9AlRP9/?taken-by=hamlynsoats It's time to get oaty with our Hamlyns of Scotland competition. (more…)

Meet the Producers

Scotland's food scene is bursting with locally-sourced delicacies. As more people begin to shop locally and directly from farmers, Lorne Gillies talks to farmers about the rise of organic food

10 easy steps for a healthy lifestyle

If you’re feeling sluggish, run down and lethargic, it could be time to take a look at your daily routine – and how you can switch things up to inject

Stack ’em up! Quick and easy recipes for Pancake Day

February’s biggest holiday is here! No, not Valentine’s Day – Pancake Day! Shrove Tuesday is the best excuse to forgo the January diet and have pancakes for breakfast, lunch, and

Fun Fact Friday: Tea

Tea is wonderful. Feeling sad, tea. Feeling happy, have a cuppa. Want to solve world peace? Do it over a brew. There is nothing us Brits love more than tea.

Christmas dinner inspiration

With less than a wee to go until the big day, it's time to start planning the main event - Christmas dinner! Whether you're a traditional turkey and sprouts kind

Tuck in for St Andrew’s Day

Today Scotland celebrates the country’s patron saint St Andrew. A country that boasts a unicorn as it’s national animal, the only place in the world where Coca Cola isn’t the

Cutting down on food waste

When was the last time he checked the use-by date on an item in your fridge, gave a bit of fruit a squeeze or had a sniff at that packet